The face of education has evolved drastically. With narrower choices available in the earlier days, students had to choose stereotypical careers such as engineering, medicine, or economics. But with newer streams opening these days, students have now got the option to make their careers in the fields that they want. For instance, there are many options becoming available in business & finance. Even the field of healthcare is diversifying as the areas which were not paid much attention on are now being recognised for their importance. There are specialisations which are becoming available in these fields as well. Students with a mixed interest in both technology and healthcare can now opt for a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory degree.


Education is no more the privilege of only book-worms as educationists’ world-wide have realised that a sound theoretical knowledge also needs to be backed up with an equally important practical experience. For this purpose, many universities have started integrating audio-visual aids, field visits, sessions with experts from the particular field so that the students get hands-on experience. This will ensure that they will be able to smoothly get absorbed into the companies of their field after completing their studies. Many business owners and human resources personnel coming to recruit students from campuses often complain that students lack practical knowledge and are often reluctant to give them an opportunity to work as they have to spend a lot of resources on training them.


Undergraduate degree programs should be supplemented with open libraries to encourage students to undertake research and publication. Universities should create an environment which will be fruitful towards cultivating a spirit of enquiry in the young minds and encourage them to increase their curiosity and analytical skills. Journal and paper submissions at national and international level will also help the students to set foot in the community of intellectuals and will motivate them towards innovation. A robust support system should be created for the students through the alumni associations so that they can learn about the realities of life from their seniors and propel them towards a bright future.


Students can also take part in the voluntary work office of their college. This will give them an opportunity to help other students especially the fresher batches. It gives them a chance to meet new people while organising events for their college. They will be vital links between the faculty and the students and help students to take part in various activities. Colleges these days ensure that the faculty that they appoint are the best in the industry as the faculty of a college have the responsibility of sculpting young organic minds and channelizing the imaginations and creative energies of the youth. The world is slowly becoming smaller with globalisation and this has greatly benefitted the education sector. Higher quality knowledge is becoming available to students as most of the universities are collaborating with international universities. Some universities are also giving their students the opportunity to pursue part of the coursework in foreign universities, increasing their international exposure.


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